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Contemporary Plumbing successfully designed and constructed new hydraulic services to accommodate additional fixtures. The project involved installing new fixtures with connections to existing water and drainage services, including precise concrete cutting and coring as needed. Additionally, the team installed new hot water systems and supply lines and refurbished existing bathrooms on-site.
This project was executed flawlessly, with all work completed on time, within budget, and without defects. This demonstrates Contemporary Plumbing’s dedication to delivering high-quality results.

Airservices Australia is a leading air navigation service provider in Australia, that ensures the safe connection of people to their destinations worldwide. They offer crucial services such as air traffic control, aviation rescue, firefighting, and air navigation. Managing a significant portion of the world’s airspace, Airservices Australia facilitates over four million aircraft movements.

It serves more than 153 million passengers annually. Their contributions to the aviation industry include telecommunications, aeronautical data, navigation services, and aviation rescue and firefighting services, ensuring safe and efficient air travel.

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