Blocked Pipes & Drains

Got A Blocked Pipe or Drain, We Can Help?

Our team of professional Canberra plumbers is here to assist you, whether it’s sinks, basins, laundries, dishwashers, toilets, sewer, or stormwater systems. We also offer CCTV inspections for a non-invasive approach to diagnosing blocked drains in the Canberra ACT before any excavation is necessary.

Our specialist team of plumbers is trained and accredited to assess your maintenance needs, provide a competitive quote, and promptly address any issues. We offer regular servicing and maintenance for both commercial and residential plumbing installations.

Sinks & Basins

Common blockages in sinks & basins are caused by food scraps, grease, hair, toothpaste, and an accumulation of gunk over time, leading to slow draining and blocked pipes.

Problems can also be caused by tree roots, broken pipes or foreign objects. No matter the cause of your blocked drains, Contemporary Plumbing’s Canberra Plumbers can offer you a solution.

plumber unblocking sink


Toilets can become blocked from the excess use of toilet paper, foreign objects or the flushing of products not designed to be flushed.

Remember the 3 P’s (Poo, pee and toilet paper). If it doesn’t fall into these categories, it shouldn’t be flushed.

Tree roots are also a common cause of blockages in Canberra’s drainage systems.

We have extensive experience in clearing blocked drains in Canberra and getting toilets flushing again! If you require emergency plumbing give us a call:

Showers & Floor Wastes

If your shower water isn’t draining correctly, it may be due to a build-up of hair, soap, shampoo, and scum causing blocked drains. Our team of Canberra plumbers can quickly and effectively address this issue for you.
Tree roots or similar obstructions could also be causing the problem, but rest assured, we can handle it all.

Similar to shower drains, floor wastes can also pose drainage issues, causing blocked drains. If you’re experiencing problems with them, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to help!

person unblocking blocked drain in shower
drain with stone paving

Stormwater Drains

If your stormwater drains are overflowing in Canberra, it could be due to various issues such as tree roots, squashed or broken pipes, or a buildup of dirt and sediment. In some cases, the drains may not have sufficient capacity to handle a large volume of water.

Whatever the cause of your blocked drain,  Contemporary Plumbing can assess the situation and provide a solution to ensure your stormwater drains work properly.

We are your local drainage solution experts. Contact us today for expert assistance with your blocked drains in Canberra.

We Offer Prompt & Efficient Emergency Plumbing Services.

No matter the plumbing emergency, whether you have broken plumbing fixtures or a burst pipe, we are on the move!
For plumbing work (Saturday/Sunday/Out of hours), please ring us for an immediate response from one of our Canberra plumbers.

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