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Calvary Hospital Emergency Department Expands with Help from Contemporary Plumbing!

Calvary Hospital’s Emergency Department is on the mend, thanks in part to the skilled plumbers at Contemporary Plumbing. The hospital needed to expand its facilities to include new short-stay surgical units, acute care areas, and wait and triage rooms.

This was different from your typical plumbing job. Imagine working in a busy, live hospital environment – that’s the challenge our Contemporary Plumbing team faced. Our team of Canberra plumbers proved their mettle, working tirelessly to ensure:

  • Smooth functionality: New plumbing systems were installed flawlessly, ensuring the new facilities had everything they needed to operate efficiently.
  • Patient safety: Working in a hospital environment requires the utmost caution. Contemporary Plumbing prioritised safety throughout the project, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing medical care.

Our expertise at Contemporary Plumbing and dedication helped Calvary Hospital expand its Emergency Department and deliver the best possible care to its patients.

Another great commercial plumbing project by Contemporary Plumbing Canberra.

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