7 Things You Should NOT Do to Prevent a Blocked Drain

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20 Nov 2013

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems most homeowners face. The worst part of it is they always seem to happen during the most appropriate times: when you’re rushing to work, when you’re about to hold a party or when you have a family or friend that’s visiting.

There are actually a number of things you should avoid doing to prevent blocked drains from happening in your home. Take note of this list to dodge having to experience this big hurdle in your residential existence. Remember these are the major no-nos, so these are the things you should avoid doing to prevent clogged drains.

1. Dump food in the sink
Food, most specifically rice, is the biggest contributor to clogged drains. Before washing dishes on the sink, make sure you have rid them with all food waste. Don’t let these wind up on your drain. If you use a dishwasher, also remember not to leave food waste on plates inside the dishwasher. These will be flushed down the drain and will also cause a clog up.

2. Put coffee grounds in the sink
Coffee grounds should not be thrown down the drain. There are a lot of ways to dispose of these. You can throw them in the trash, put them in the compost or worm bin, and use them for your garden. If you have a food disposal you can also use coffee grounds to make it smell better and clear out any food stuck on the grinder. There’s a process for doing this though so don’t just throw them directly down the food disposal.

3. Pour grease down the drain
The best way to deal with grease is to let it cool and throw it away. Keep it away from your sink and your drain. In cold temperatures these will harden and will turn into lumps which will restrict passage in your drain or totally block drainage.

4. Take off sink strainers
These are put over your drains for a reason: to filter food waste and other particles and stop them from going down the drain. Don’t take them off especially if you’re using the sink.

5. Use any amount of washing powder
When using a dishwasher remember to only use the recommended amount of washing powder. As the saying goes “too much of something is bad.” Excess washing powder will solidify and this will block your drain.

6. Flush paper towels, baby wipes or nappies down the toilet
When it comes to the toilet never flush anything down it, even paper towels or baby wipes. These will attach to the pipes and once they accumulate will clog your toilet. You should also watch out not to flush nappies down the toilet as these expand quickly and will block anything solid.

7. Plant trees near the drainage system
Your drainage systems should not be in close proximity to trees and shrubs. Trees planted near drainage systems are the most common cause of their damage. This is because the trees’ roots can grow into the pipes and this will cause it to split or break. Be sure to plant your trees at least 25 meters away from your drainage system to avoid damage and clogged drains.

Make sure you totally avoid these seven DONTs to have a clog-free drain. Just remember to also have your drainage system checked every couple of years to make sure they are working perfectly fine and don’t have any issues.

If you already have a blocked drain, we here at Contemporary Plumbing can help you. We have highly qualified and licensed plumbers and gas fitters ready to help you with your concerns.

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